kate and wills

Royal baby fever – Kate and Wills baby is most anticipated event in 2013

2013 is well on its way, but what are we looking forward to this year and do we think this will be a good year?  OnePoll surveyed 1000 UK adults to find out. Of the major events in the calendar over the UK this year, the most popular one by far is the arrival of [...]


40% New Year Dieters Quit in January

As the clock strikes midnight every 31st December, millions vow to change their lifestyle to bring in the coming year, even if their previous tries have been unsuccessful. On 11th January, less than two weeks into 2013, how many feel positive about their self-made promises? We asked 1500 adults of the U.K. to admit if [...]


‘Essential’ Cash – 50% of students depend on part-time work

This year has been the first year of student fees rising to a maximum of £9,000 a year, a huge jump from the previous £3000 charged.  With this in mind, it might be reasonable to think that because of this, money is tighter than ever for students.  OnePoll conducted a study on more than 1000 [...]


Festive Hassle – Crowded shops UK’s biggest Christmas Bugbear

At this time of year it often seems that you can do little to escape Christmas.  From the constant chime of Christmas songs on the radio, to town centres decked out with Christmas lights, it can feel like the whole world is excited about the big day.  However, is Christmas really all it’s cracked up [...]

Experience of University

Student Woes – 1 in 10 have eaten uncooked food

With students nearing the end of their first semester of the year at University, OnePoll surveyed over 1300 of them to find out about their worries, their spending habits and being a first year student. With student fees going up in 2012, many students may have been worried about being in charge of their own [...]


Big Ambition – Brits top aim is to travel the world

Most people have ambitions which they would like to accomplish. So, we decided to survey 1000 UK to adults to find out about their ambitions for the future. We asked whether they thought they would achieve them and how long they thought it would take. The number one ambition that people would like to achieve [...]


Grading of Non-academic Activities – UK Students are unsure

With debate about whether students should be graded on their non-academic activities while at University, we asked students their opinions, with 35% saying they would be happy for this to happen and 35% being unsure. This debate follows a recent article, which reported that Universities are expected to adopt changes meaning that students’ non-academic achievements [...]


Daleks ranked Top Childhood Scare – but what is too scary for kids?

As this time of year brings hoards of ghoulish children to your door and bloodied zombies to the streets, many try hard to push that extra scare factor. But what would you consider too frightening? We asked 1000 Brits about their childhood scares and their attitudes to shock value. When asked what film or television [...]


Feeling Unneighbourly – only 1 in 4 feel ‘strong’ community spirit

Royal Mail has recently announced that as of October 1st, if they try to deliver a parcel when you are out, they will attempt to deliver it to your neighbour instead. This development raises the question of how well do we know our neighbours, and will an undelivered parcel put some neighbours in contact with [...]

sports runners

Three quarters of Brits predict sport surge after Olympics

A study of 1000 UK adults by OnePoll has shown that three quarters think that the Olympics being held in Britain will increase sport activity in the UK over the next 10 years.  One of the main aims of the Olympics being held in the UK was to increase participation in sport for the next [...]


Have you been ‘Googled’? 49% of young people are visible online

Whether you’re a Facebook addict or still can’t work out an email, no one can deny this is an age where online sharing is key. News stories are Twitter-based more than ever, photos are sourced from social networking sites, and information on the public is hoarded and used to professional advantage. But if your name [...]