Male grooming on the rise

A recent article suggested that due to a huge increase in male demand for beauty treatments, up to 11,000 jobs are expected to be created over the next 12 months.  The article showed that there are huge regional differences in the number and types of treatments men are getting.  It reported that the region with the largest increase in treatments is Scotland, and the most popular treatment there was sunbed tanning.

To look deeper into the demand for male grooming, OnePoll conducted a survey on 1000 men that get beauty treatments at salons to find out what the most popular treatments are, why they opt to have these treatments and how much they spend on personal grooming.

Key Results

  • 27% are open with everyone they know about what male grooming they do
  • 25% have treatments more than once a fortnight
  • Men spend an average of 45-60 minutes getting ready on a typical morning

Regional Differences

While the article found that tanning was most popular in Scotland, OnePoll found that massage and body treatments were ranked top on the list of treatments men had, however tanning was the most frequent treatment.  There are clearly two main treatments that are popular around the country and the table below shows which treatments were most popular in which region:

Region Treatment
East Anglia Tanning
East Midlands Massage/Body treatments
London Massage/Body treatments
North East Massage/Body treatments
North West Massage/Body treatments
Northern Ireland Tanning
Scotland Massage/Body treatments
South East Massage/Body treatments and Tanning
South West Tanning
Wales Massage/Body treatments
West Midlands Tanning
Yorkshire and the Humber Tanning


Although the article found that people in Scotland have had the largest increase in treatments, OnePoll found that they are also most likely to keep quiet about what treatments they have, with a quarter stating that they do not tell anyone about their grooming.  In contrast, men in Northern Ireland are most open about their grooming (42%), compared to those in East Anglia, where only 16% are open about their grooming.

Popular Treatments

The top 3 treatments that men get are:

  1. Massage/body treatments (41%)
  2. Tanning (38%)
  3. Facials (28%)




Why do men get salon treatments?

  • 34% say it makes them feel more confident
  • 30% have treatments because they are self-conscious about the way they look
  • 25% say they do it because they care about their appearance

How much are men spending on male grooming?

The average that men spend on grooming in a month is £34.73.  Londoners spend the most at £38.31, whereas those in East Anglia spend the least at £27.86.  With regards to age, over 55’s spend the most at £38.01 compared to 18-24 year olds who spend £28.48.  The biggest difference in spend, however, was between homemakers, who spend £50.17 in an average month, and those in part-time employment who spend £33.32.

It appears that men do enjoy getting beauty treatments and that perhaps there is not so much worry now that it is thought of as a feminine thing to do, with 8 in 10 men being open about treatments they get.  In a year, the average a man spends on grooming is £416.76, suggesting that there is a large market out there for male grooming.

Why do you think these treatments are more popular with men now compared to previous years?  Let us know below…



  1. kifayathussain says:

    i think that the male spend hardly 30.50 pounds monthly

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